Latest Trends in Optical Wireless Communication

The Summer Topical Meeting in Los Angeles will provide a platform for debate about the capabilities of optical wireless communication, where their main strengths for application are, and how they can complement/substitute radio wireless techniques, e.g. in the upcoming 5G scenarios.

Jean-Paul Linnartz will give a keynote speech on Wireless Optical Communication in illumination systems. In particular the aspect of power consumption and Energy per Bit


There is an exploding need for wireless communication capacity, driven by the booming amounts of smart mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smart phones, …), the Internet of Things/Everything, connectivity to the Cloud, etc. etc. Radio spectrum is getting seriously congested, radio-based devices are interfering with each other, and are consuming more and more power to surmount the connectivity problems. After optical fiber to the home has solved the copper access network bottlenecks, indoor optical wireless techniques are getting ready to solve the indoor radio network bottlenecks. This Topical Meeting will address the latest research in visible light communication, where data communication is piggy-backed on the LED lighting making quick entry into our buildings, as well as in infrared communication with beam-steered connection techniques for dedicated high data rate connections.

source: Conference announcement

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