Ton Backx: Brainport as Fotonics Hotspot


Eindhoven, the City of Light in a new perspective: It used to be a city where light bulbs where manufactured, but it may well become the hotspot for smart technology with photons that accelerate communications, improves sensors, etc.

The interview in Dutch will be on Studio Brainport, the English version will be featured at Radio 4 Brainport

Radio 4 Brainport on-line


Starting February 1st, you can listen online to our programs.

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Andrew Watson receives Holst Medal 2016


On Radio 4 Brainport, we will share with you excerpts from the 2016 Holst Lecture, the 40th since 1977, by Andrew B. Watson PhD.
In his Holst Lecture he reflects on his work as a Senior Scientist for Vision Research at NASA Ames Research Center. Dr. Watson received the prestigious Holst Memorial Lecture Award 2016 for his important contributions to vision research.

In his Lecture ‘The Windows of Visibility’ dr. Watson elaborates on the fact that we do not see the world as it is, but only the view that is admitted by the window of our visual sense. He explores the many narrow windows of visibility through which we experience the visual world, but he also argues that such limitations to the field of view is essential for human to infer information from our observations.

Innovation in AM radio


You will be able to listen to our programs via digital Internet streaming and via AM 747.

Is the warm sound of AM radio just old fashioned? Well according to Nautel it is not. In fact, it is hot! The just sold their 2 Megawatt transmitter. But it is not just an analog transmitter, it will transmit digitally in the medium waveband using DRM: Digital Radio Mondeale.

At TU/e we are also foreseeing that we will transmit in a digital format. Moreover we see interesting possibilities to largely improve the AM sound. Are you an EE student at TU/e and are you interested in modern signal processing let us know. We have a nice traineeship opportunity for you.


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