Ralu on Board

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#RaluOnBoard, is a radio program @Radio 4 Braiport, The Expat Station from the City of Light and a podcast series hosted by Ralu Nistor-Lustermans. The show is about organisation culture, leadership, entrepreneurship, and performance; where we will debate how people, processes, and behaviours impact results, how organisations and individuals reach success, whatever success might mean for them.

Mayor Dijsselbloem’s ambitions: Build, Build Build

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When Jeroen Dijsselbloem became the new mayor of Eindhoven in Sept 2022, the city had become far more vibrant then when he left at the age of 19. Eindhoven had benefitted for many decades by bringing in new people. Anne Yianni interviewed Mayor Dijsselbloem for Howdo Magazine, after being in office for a couple of months. Radio 4 Brainport chatted with Anne about how she expereienced the interview and what were her take-aways. Build, Build, Build is a priority to craete 70,00 houses for the talent that the High Tech companies want to attract in the coming decade.

Ultimate “inburgering”: a New Year’s Dive

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Nothing better than a dive into the sea on New Year’s Day? Ralu Nistor-Lustermans tried it our for herself. To Jean-Paul Linnartz of Radio 4 Brainport she disclosed that it really gives fresh energy for the whole year. Cool!
Ralu writes about this; For decades the Nordics, celebrate the New Year by taking a dive into the freezing water of the Nordic Sea. I used to watch this event on TV and think, what a bunch of crazy people! This year, instead of watching it from the side-line, I (and one of my sons) decided to be one of those crazy people , we joined and dived in …….what an amazing experience……..physically and mentally refreshed! As we all dive into 2023, let’s make sure that no matter what our goals and aspirations are for this year, we prioritise our wellbeing, our mental health and we are kind to ourselves and others. Embrace the challenges 2023 will bring, take a

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Radio 4 Brainport gives away a DAB+ Radio

20230114 DAB giveaway winners

And the winner is….You may remember that we at Radio 4 Brainport asked you before Christmas to send in your holiday wishes, and as an incentive we promised to give away a DAB radio to one of the contributors. Today we went to Sweet Dreams bakery to hand over the receiver to Aralys and Amar. They sent in their Christmas wishes for our listeners after Aralys spotted us with the live broadcast during the Winter Market in the Evoluon on December 10th. She noted down our WhatsApp number (06 8329 2000) and sent a voice message once she was back with Amar. It demonstrates how easy it is to get your announcement on air ! You can hear their story in a short podcast on Spotify.


20230114 DAB giveaway winners

Local news by EindhovenNews.com


Eindhoven News and Radio 4 Brainport work closely together in bring the local news.

Radio4Brainport is an independent expat radio station in English in the Brainport region. It has been broadcasting since 2016 with the help of a team of volunteers. At the moment Radio 4 Brainport broadcasts hourly news including international, national and local news headlines, as well as traffic updates, weather bulletin, talks on innovation and science, politics etc. Eindhoven News’ daily online news is very suitable for this purpose.

The radio station provides news and reports in English. Reading all the news is time consuming, a technical development to reduce the recording is very convenient. Using Eindhoven News is logical as they already have the regional news in English and their target audience is the same.

“Eindhoven News with its 10 years of experience in connecting the internationals through news, events and various other social activities can most surely help in creating a larger platform for Radio 4 Brainport,” says Irene Martens, Founder Director Eindhoven News.

Jean-Paul Linnartz, co-founder of the radio station also believes that this development is a major enhancement to their programming.

Besides the news more live streams and podcasts (made by Radio 4 Brainport) appealing to the internationals are going to be shared. These podcasts now are available on the site of Eindhoven News.

TU/e rector about the university lock-down

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TU/e announced rigorous measures, physically locking down the university, and trying to rapidly convert to all digital education. Radio 4 Brainport interviewed the rector, Prof. Frank Baaijens with reactions from Limi Kalapurackal, Andy Baroja, Anton Alexeev, studying and researching at the university. Further thanks to Chaitali Senguta of EindhovenNews.com for bringing in Corona reactions from the internationals.

Carnaval, … in Brainport …?

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Internationals coming to Eindhoven often are taken by surprise during Carnaval in the soutern part of the Netherlands. The city suddenly is so different from being a hotspot in technology and innovation. At Radio 4 Brainport, we invited Limi (from Austria) and Peter (from the deep south of the country) to dive into the background of Carnaval.

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