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Radio 4 Brainport gives you an update on the international Tech Scene. A few times, in the morning update, such taht you can easily find you favorite listening time during the morning drive to work.

The Daily Tech Headlines are produced in California, with all the hot news from Silicon Valley, Google, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Uber, Tesla, the famous universities, etc

Radio 4 Brainport signs contract with United Nations Radio

Radio 4 Brainport signs contract with United Nations Radio

Radio 4 Brainport, the English language radio station for the international community in the Eindhoven TopTech region keeps you up to date, not only with the latest from Brainport, but also with the international current affairs.

Radio 4 Brainport now has signed a contract with United Nations Radio. This means that you can listen to a news bulletin from the United Nations studios in New York several times per day, in particular at 7:50 AM in the morning and at 17:20 in the late afternoon (5:20 PM).

United Nations Radio has a long standing history in bringing a global perspective on human stories. United Nations Radio is the international broadcasting service of the United Nations and is distributed by partner radio stations, now since July 2018, including Radio 4 Brainport.

On weekdays, you can already also hear news in English on by Feature Story News every hour, a few times per day the Daily Tech Headlines, on weekends you can listen to Dutch News Podcasts and Radio 4 Brainport has its own updates, interviews and reports.

Saturdays 2-5pm: Airplay40


On Radio 4 Brainport, Spencer James presents the countdown of airplay on English language radio across the globe. Airplay40 is The top 40 singles as played on English language radio stations around the world.

Airplay40 is the countdown of the biggest songs being played on subscriber stations across the globe. Broadcast on over 60 radio stations and to an audience of over 3.1 million listeners, it is the only chart that reflects what listeners are hearing on their local radio station. Also on radio stations in Spain, the Canary Islands, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Oman, Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Aruba, but for the Netherlands exclusively on Radio 4 Brainport.

747 AM off air due to icy weather

Regrettably the snow caused problems with our antenna on Sunday afternoon and 747 kHz is off air. We expect that it takes some time to get on air again.

Initially the transmitter went off air because the snow and ice caused an imbalance in the antenna loading of the transmitter. Later we incurred some damage to the installation.

Soccer Robots accelerate Autonomous Driving and Medical Surgery

China, Hefei, juli 2015. 
Wereldkampioenschappen RoboCup 2015 met team Tech United van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Match Tech United - Hibikino-Musashi. 
foto: TU Eindhoven / Bart van Overbeeke

The TU Eindhoven soccer robot team will be defending its world title from 27 to 30 July at the RoboCup in Nagoya, Japan.

Yet this is not only about games and sports competition, it is also pushing the frontiers of innovation in autonomous driving and medical surgery.
Radio4Brainport interviews a big fan of the Robocup and the Tech United team from Eindhoven: Prof. Maarten Steinbuch.

RoboCup is the world championschip for intelligent robots in different disciplines, with almost 4000 participants from 40 countries. If Tech United gets to the final, it will be the tenth time in a row. And if the fully autonomous Eindhoven soccer robots win, it will be their fourth world title. In the ‘help-at-home’ category, the TU/e team hopes its robots will be able to bring home a first world title after second and third places at previous tournaments.

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